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forex trader picture Tomzzz

Tomzzz closed a long position on EURUSD

 Canada 19-12 14:17hausse +16 pips x1

forex trader picture K-ze23

K-ze23 closed a long position on EURUSD

 Cameroon 19-12 12:12hausse +9 pips x3

forex trader picture Thompi

Thompi opened a short position on EURUSD

 Sweden 19-12 11:05baisse -17 pips x1


forex trader picture Yellow

Yellow opened a long position on EURUSD

 France 19-12 11:02hausse +19 pips x10


forex trader picture Dmontineri

Dmontineri closed a long position on EURCHF

 France 19-12 10:01hausse +17 pips x1

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