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forex trader picture Robu21

Robu21 placed an order to buy CAC 40 CASH

 France 24-03 11:48hausse +2 pips x2


forex trader picture Aircross

Aircross placed an order to buy CAC 40 CASH

 France 24-03 09:59baisse -6 pips x1


forex trader picture Macpacom

Macpacom placed an order to buy AUDUSD

Number 2 France 24-03 03:41baisse -6 pips x1


forex trader picture Macpacom

Macpacom placed an order to sell AUDUSD

Number 2 France 24-03 03:40baisse -20 pips x1


forex trader picture Doc mass

Doc mass placed an order to buy SILVER

 France 23-03 23:57hausse +3 pips x1


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What is Tradermatch ?

Forex simulator to learn trading with the best traders - Improve your forex trading skills by managing a free virtual forex account - Benefit from skilled traders experience

What is a Forex Simulator about ?

Forex simulator A forex simulator or forex game like Tradermatch is a real solution to learn trading and forex and test new strategies because most of the time the first steps of the beginner in trading prove to be expensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Forex Simulator

Before we start, let's see together what benefits you can derive from the simulation as well as its disadvantages:

  • You can learn about the forex market without spending a single dollar.
  • You can test your strategies before investing.
  • You have a fantasy account, and therefore you have a large sum available to make a large number of trades. You have access to many currency pairs and you trade at the same price as real investors.

Disadvantages of a Forex Simulation

Forex simulator
You do not feel real emotions about the gains and losses you make, so you are more relax when you trade (cool blood, which is a good thing in trading). When you go into real, you will have to deal with a new feeling: emotions related to your own money.
Some people will tell you that trading virtually does not tighten to anything for this reason. They're wrong. When practicing a sport (tennis, for example), one often plays better during training sessions than in an official competition, because the stress and stakes are not the same. This does not prevent the players from training hard however!

You have to use a forex simulation to fine-tune your trading technique just as you would work your tennis backhand or your tennis service!
So let's start now your free forex simulator account

Using the forex simulation seriously or just as a forex game?

forex game The 2 approaches, the 2 types of use are of course possible. If you want to progress in trading, your primary goal should not be the ranking, but to establish recurring gains and find the right win / risk ratio.
If you use our site to entertain you, Tradematch as a forex game will allow you to discover trading while having fun. The conditions are very close to the real, and although playful, our ranking method minimizes the luck factor.
Then develop and work your strategies to conquer the first place! In trading, the hardest is to last in time!
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